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Less Let's say that your spreadsheet formulas have errors that you anticipate and don't need to correct, but you want to improve the display of your results. You have several ways to hide error values and error indicators in cells. Formulas can return errors for a number of reasons. Convert an error to zero and use a format to hide the value You can hide error values by converting them to a number such as 0, and then applying a conditional format that hides the value.

A2 1 tracking a problem to the

Every time you login to your spreadsheet on your phone, computer or anywhere, that is very up to date prices automatically. Would like to Thank Everyone for the support! I created this in and have received overwhelming responses on how it managed help so many folks who is looking for a sophisticated spreadsheet that you can trust.

Would like to thank the first time visitors from Old School Value and Bogleheads. Unfortunately, my IP was banned at Bogleheads for reasons I do not know of!

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Why do we need another portfolio spreadsheet? Well I have a few criteria and objectives: Manage your Portfolio based on Transactions Not many Stock Portfolio tool or spreadsheet offer for free tracks your portfolio by transactions.

I know because I tried searching for one before I created this. What is the yield on your cost? How much have you gain up to now. By entering these transactions we will be able to keep record but also good data to easily visualize these questions.

You can then construct different review perspective whether it is return on investment or different portfolio category. Transactions Aggregate to Stock Summary After we enter the transactions as the transactions happen, we can review the stock in the Stock Summary sheet.

This is for folks who wish to see the cash inflow and outflow. The cash portion will aggregate over in Portfolio Summary sheet. At some place, you need to aggregate the cost and value. This is at Portfolio Summary. When you get familiar, you can also modify it to put Assets that are not so liquid and harder to track Note that the formulas to derive Expected Annual Dividends and Expected Annual Dividend Yield is not coherent.

This is because for some unlisted assets, you forecast the dividends based on the amount while for others you calculate the amount based on the forecast yield. Capturing Portfolio History While portfolio summary gives you a snapshot of how your portfolio performs currently, you might want to keep track of the overall portfolio over time.

The Portfolio History sheet is very simple: It makes use of a Google Script that is triggered every night to copy the data from Portfolio Summary sheet to a new row in Portfolio History You will need to set this trigger when you make a copy of my new spreadsheet.

With the historical data, you will be able to create charts such as: How the portfolio value and cost changes over time.Learn how to quickly change the color of the entire row based on a single cell's value in your Excel worksheets.

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Free automated online Google Spreadsheet that tracks dividend stocks and long term stocks through transactions.

A2 1 tracking a problem to the

Aug 17,  · My SUMIF function does not seem to be working properly. To simplify the issue, I have a worksheet which lists employees' work hours at various offices.

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1. Put one bit on the data bit out line.

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2. Bring the data clock line high and then low. 3. Repeat until all the output data is shifted to the registers.

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