Character analysis of okonkwo

They serve as the guide to produce a character from the list of tragic heroes that will correspond to this classic image. These are specific aspects which every tragic narration is to feature: The Main Characteristic of All Tragic Hero Examples Hubris is considered to be an inseparable part of all tragic hero examples for a heroic essay. It is present in all plays, stories, and novels which have a tragic hero.

Character analysis of okonkwo

Okonkwo Umuofia comprises of nine different villages in Nigeria and Okonkwo where Okonkwo is a great man. He despises the life lived by his father and is seen tireless working to be part of his community. At the end, he is one great man. Okonkwo believes in himself.

Okonkwo has a well established respect within his society because apart from being a leader in his own village, he is held with high esteem in all the nine village of Umuofia.

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International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research - He is by nature a lively boy and becomes popular in the Okonkwo household.

This respect is generally commanded by his courage that drives him to achieve so much as a young adult. For instance, Okonkwo confidently engages in war with on great wrestler and defeats him. The fact that he believes in himself made him put an end to the predetermined victory of this great wrestler Achebe p With this action, the society which had little knowledge of him sets all eyes on him and regards him with high esteem.

Character analysis of okonkwo

Okonkwo also actively participates in athletics which is great proof of his strength. This also gains him much respect within the umuofia community. The fact that he was a wrestler and a worrier within his village made him characterised and courageous and fearless.

These traits were highly regarded in his village and this won him even more respect Achebe p As a worrier, there is not even one incident of war that he met defeat and the villagers loved him as one of their great worriers who they could count on of victory in battles.

Another strong point of Okonkwo is that he is very hard working man who searches for his own wealth and richness. He has many children with his three wives and he is seen to take great care of them. This is so as to prove himself different from his lazy and drunkard father Achebe p Unlike his father he is wealthy and is considered one of the clansmen who make the law governing the village with punitive measures for those who failed to obey.

As a clansman, Okonkwo gained more respect from his people. Determination drives him to be unlike his father which he does.

Character analysis of okonkwo

He single-mindedly pursues achievement obsessively till it disintegrates him. Okonkwo go to exile for seven years after shooting a young man from his tribe and the Ibo banned him from the village.

On his return, he finds many changes to his society which had been converted to Christianity and white colonists taken over the power bestowed on the clansmen Achebe p They had their own form of government that could not allow him to reclaim his fame. Freedom was no longer available to his clansmen and this made them unhappy in return.

His failure to succumb to the colonial rule instilled fear in him brought his downfall that caused him to commit suicide. Okonkwo is also seen to be very afraid of defeat and appearing weak like his lazy father. This together with his inflexibility and rage made him lose respect for his community.

This even causes him to anger the Earth goddess named Ani Achebe p From the book one motivating factor in the life of Okonkwo was his crave and undivided determination not to be likes his father.

His father was a renowned drunkard in umuofia village having acquired no title or job at all. Unlike his father, Okonkwo becomes obsessed with the spirit of achievement and single-mindedly searches for it.

Unlike his father, he acquired titles like a great village worrier and wrestler as well as a clansman Achebe p This gained him more respect from the society. Additionally, unlike his lazy father who borrowed money from the clan without repay, Okonkwo was determined hard worker.

He had bans full of yarns and great wealth that enabled him to easily take care of his three wives and many children. Moreover, being wealthy made him borrow little from the clan which he paid with much ease.

The outcome of the story is tragedy as the main hero ends his life through suicide. To this outcome, we learn that as a worrier, Okonkwo always knew where he belonged; the ruler and not to be ruled.

He was not at any instance willing to give in to his fear of defeat. After returning home from his seven years of exile, he finds a converted village which was now Christian in religion unlike the Muslim he knew before he left Achebe pCharacter Analysis: Okonkwo Umuofia comprises of nine different villages in Nigeria and Okonkwo where Okonkwo is a great man.

Having known his father’s conduct and behaviour, Okonkwo does all his best to be nothing close to his father (Achebe p). This summary of Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe is meant as a review, not as a substitute for reading the novel.

Chapter 1: Chapter 1 introduces the novel's protagonist Okonkwo, a wealthy and respected member of the Umuofia tribe. Analysis of the Character Okonkwo in Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe In seven pages this paper analyzes both the novel's 3rd person narrative as well as the main character Okonkwo.

About Things Fall Apart. The two narrative voices Okonkwo resists change so much that he can't even accept it in others. Wright claims that to the rest of his people, Okonkwo's recklessness and fanaticism is embarrassing. don't the environment and the character balance each other all the way?" (Jussawalla, 70) *.

A literary analysis of a novelis a careful examination of the elements that make the novel work. A good literary analysis looks at literary elements such as conflict, plot, and character to show the depth of the writer’s understanding of the work.

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Hitesh Parmar's Assignment: Critical Analysis of "Things fall Apart’’! And Okonkwo