Cheeper goods for people brought by the industrial revolution

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Cheeper goods for people brought by the industrial revolution

A ready supply of money britian's gov't in 's Millions died, many immigrated to USA and increased the need for work.

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Industrial capatalism Social system based of industrial production, broke society into classes and drew the public's focus to the industry rather than society.

Socialism Robert Owen Believed humans did best when left to form their own governments. Thomas Edison invented light bulb- harnessed electricity and brought it into homes and factories Alexander Grahm Bell Invented telephone- expanded communication and brought people all over Europe and the US together Gugleilmo Marconi Invented radio- broadened means of communication Internal Combustion Engine Gottlieb Daimler Gasoline engine that ran automobiles up to 10 mph- broadened transportation and communication Karl Marx The Communist Manifesto blamed system of work in factories capatalism ; blamed industries for horrible working conditions- made people question way of society and rebel Bourgeoisie The middle class in Britain during the Industrial Revolution.

Largest social party ever in Germany Pure Marxists Marxists who believed capatalism would be overthrown. Attracted poorer factory workers to join party. Revisionist Marxists Marxists who disagreed with Pure Marxists in the sense that they did not want revolution.

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Trade Unions Factory workers who lawfully went on strikes together to improve working conditions, but didn't believe in Revolution Mass Society A large group of people in a society who join together under similar ideas.

Spread news and culture and brought society together Middle Classes Contained upper, middle and lower middle classes. Middle were shopkeepers, treaders, lower were salespeople, operaters.

White Collar workers People in between lower middle and lower classes. Worked lower paying, more common jobs. Working classes 80 percent of European population- factory workers, fameres, pesants, sharecroppers, some artisans.

Feminism The movement for women's rights in the s. Women fought for divorce, property and political rights. Amalie Sieveking, Florence Nightingale, Clara Barton Women who fought for women's working rights in hospitals and nursing offices.

Created a real Emprofessional job for women Suffragists Emmeline Pankhurst People who advocated for women's political rights. Showed public displays sometimes vioent; braking windows, throwing eggs to get govn't attention.

Pankhurst was leader and most dedicated member Removing ad is a premium feature Upgrade and get a lot more done!The spinning jenny is a multi-spindle spinning frame, and was one of the key developments in the industrialization of weaving during the early Industrial Revolution.

Cheeper goods for people brought by the industrial revolution

It was invented in by James Hargreaves in Stanhill, Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire in England. The Industrial Revolution changed the life of people and the way people lived for a long time. During the Industrial Revolution many people thought there were several negative effects but there were actually some positive effects in the Industrial Revolution.

The working class in Britian during the industrial revolution- poorer, worked in factories to be able to feed family, therefore depended fully on their jobs German Social Democratic Party (SDP) Socialist party based of Marx's ideas- advocated revolution, worked to improve prolitariats' working conditions.

Jan 19,  · Children such as Abdul don’t know anything about protocols or certification. All they know is work.

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When Abdul’s mother died, a stranger brought him across the border to the farm. The Industrial Revolution, The Industrial Revolution transformed human life by changing methods of manufacturing, the way people made a living, and the products available to them The Nature of the Industrial Revolution The Industrial Revolution took place in England in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Both the Neolithic and the Industrial Revolution were key turning points of advances of the human race and its environment. The Neolithic Revolution was the first revolution and the most important of all due to the settlement of nomadic tribes.

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