Chemistry lab paper sherlock holmes experiment

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Chemistry lab paper sherlock holmes experiment

And his interests were not merely limited to that one subject. He appears to have a passion for definite and exact knowledge. In certain instances, Dr.

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Watson, narrator of the stories, gives detailed descriptions of Sherlock and his experiments: A large curved retort was boiling furiously over the bluish flame of a Bunsen burner, and the distilled drops were condensing into a two-litre measure.

He dipped into this bottle or that, drawing out a few drops of each with his glass pipette, and finally brought a test-tube containing a solution over to the table. At other times, references are quite vague and misleading.

The reference thus becomes so clouded that meaningful interpretation is extremely difficult. In addition to out-and-out chemical experiments, the Canon includes more than a dozen mentions of poisons — toxicology being an important part of criminal investigation.

Sherlock readily connected his chemical interest and ability with analysis of poisons.

Chemistry lab paper sherlock holmes experiment

The entire story of a drug that produces such bizarre results has been considerably ridiculed until the relatively recent development of a synthetic compound named lysergic acid diethylamide or, commonly, LSD. The hallucinatory effects are almost exactly those of the root powder.

Since LSD is prepared from a natural alkaloid, it is conceivable to assume that such a compound could exist in an as yet unidentified root.

Chemistry lab paper sherlock holmes experiment

Therefore, nicotine has been suggested as one possibility. Another choice of one of the erythrina alkaloids.

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A third possibility is that the reference is to a South American ordeal poison — either physostigmine or eserine. The first science to be used in criminal investigation was forensic medicine, or autopsy. These embrace opium, the Portuguese man-of-war, chloroform, the possible oriental plague bacilli, vitriol sulfuric acidand potassium cyanide prussic acid.

I found Sherlock Holmes alone, however, half-asleep. A formidable array of bottles and test-tubes, with the pungent cleanly smell of hydrochloric acid, told me that he had spent his day in the chemical work which was so dear to him.

It was the bisulphate of baryta. He was countered by another Sherlockian student L. It is decomposed by water. Apart from some doubt as to its precise structure, the compound is of little interest, and has never been more than a chemical curiosity.

BaSO4 is the formula. Barium hydrosulfate can be produced from barium sulfate in concentrated sulfuric acid.

Chemistry lab paper sherlock holmes experiment Essay

However, Watson did not refer to sulfuric acid.Our objective for the Sherlock Holmes Experiment was to illustrate that some chemicals can be identified or differentiated by simple chemical tests, such as solubility, pH, or color tests.

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