Environment causes crime essay

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Environment causes crime essay

Sociological and Environmental Factors of Criminal Behavior A debate that continues to spawn controversy in many scientific disciplines is on the topic of heredity and the influence genetics has on the overall character of a human being.

It is widely accepted that the model for the development of human behavior is extremely fluid and effected by several factors, not just genes or environmental factors alone but in fact an interaction between the two. It is a fact that someone may be born with the disposition for a higher than average intelligence but environmental factors play a tremendous role in how this trait would Environment causes crime essay expressed.

If an individual were to grow up in an environment that fostered the pursuit of academic interests, this intellect trait would have the ability for increased expression rather than if the individual were in an environment that placed little value on learning.

This can in turn relate to criminal behavior and social deviance. This section will focus more on social and environmental factors that have been shown to influence behavior.

Individuals with certain genetic dispositions may be effected more than those without these traits but in all situations it has been determined that these factors can be attributed to shaping criminal behavior.

Genetic and Environmental Studies Perhaps one of the most fundamental studies influencing scientific opinions of nature vs.

Environment causes crime essay

In this study, twin pairs were examined for the concordance of criminal behavior for both twins. This is a study of particular interest because both sets of twins were raised in the same environment but in Environment causes crime essay case, the case of the monozygotic or identical twin sets, the siblings are genetically identical where as in the other case, the case of the dyzygotic or fraternal twin sets, the siblings are merely genetically similar.

This illustrates a strong correlation of genetics and criminal disposition but it also indicates the relative importance of environmental factors as well; environmental factors influence criminal behavior, which explains why there is not a 1: An additional study was performed more recently Mednick, Gabrielli, and Hutchings, where family psychology vs.

This study was done using identical twins that were adopted by two different families and raised apart from each other. It was observed that adopted children are as aggressive as their adoptive parents rather than their biological parents.

The results from both studies indicate that environment and genetic disposition are equally as responsible in shaping human behavior. This refers to the period of childhood development when children learn the rules and values of their society.

This model hypothesizes that initially children learn to merely obey the rules of their society. Certain actions are repeated because of directly correlated consequences.

A child does not intuitively know that stealing is wrong; they have to be taught through negative consequences that this behavior is not acceptable. They then internalize these rules and eventually believe them to be fundamentally correct.

In other words, socialization refers to the developmental period where the ideals of morality and socially acceptable behavior are instilled in a child. If a child is consistently taught how to act through both positive and negative reinforcement, the child will begin to exhibit certain characteristics because they believe them to be inherently correct.

If a child is not taught how to properly act or inconsistently reinforced, clear-cut moral obligations may not be instilled leading to effected social judgment and a disposition towards criminal behavior.

Education An important point to make is that levels of education have been determined to be significant in the manifestation of criminal behavior. Individuals with learning disabilities have been shown to be more prone to violent behavior. The major reason for this is given in an interrelated causal pattern of events with education at the center.

School achievement is predictive of pro-social behavior or behaviors designated as upholding the moral values of a society.

This is because academic achievement is interrelated in our society with several other variables such as financial success, high self-esteem and an internal locus of control.

This particular model may account for reasoning behind the general idea that individuals with a high IQ generally have fewer tendencies for criminal behavior than individuals with a low IQ. The hypothesis is that having a higher IQ results in easier achievement in school.

As stated above, doing well academically is associated with several societal factors as well. Individuals with a lower IQ may not succeed as much academically which would result in lower self-esteem and not as much financial success, resulting in an increased disposition for criminal behavior.

It is important then to stress education and to address issues with learning disabilities at an early age to disallow the appearance of these negative attributes. Learn about some of the legal aspects of genetic screening.Environmental crime is an illegal act which directly harms the environment.

International bodies such as the G8, Interpol, European Union, United Nations Environment Programme and the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute have recognised the following environmental crimes. Environmental and Social Theories of Crime A.

SOCIAL CAUSES One of the first theories describing the influence of social factors on crime came from French sociologist Gabriel Tarde who asserted that the causes of crime are chiefly social.

Study: Global Warming Will Cause , More Rapes by Controversial new research predicts that over the coming century, rising temperatures will result in more violent crime.

Environment causes crime essay

In this essay, I first of all examine the reasons for the rise in youth crime, then I suggest how this problem may be resolved. Perhaps the principal cause of this rise in youth crime is the increased use of drugs and alcohol among young people.

Cause & Effect Essay: School Violence School violence is a major problem around the world. The effects of school violence can lead to division and severe mental and physical trauma for both perpetrators and victims alike.

Often times the news on television, in the papers, and on the radio focus on the crime and brutal actions of some individuals. Young children see these people being reported in the news and think that crime is the way to get your face on the television.

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