Essay on shunning

Vulnerability Essay Vulnerability Essay As a social function, vulnerability is an issue that needs to be better understood by those interested in social and cultural issues in education. According to Henry, if society could not make people fear losing their status, their property, and their safety, it could not exist. He believes that people who do not feel vulnerable, who are not subject to some degree of fear, are not subject to control. How many people would run stoplights with their cars if it were not for the fear of receiving a traffic ticket or being injured?

Essay on shunning

During its birth, the country was unique in allowing religious freedoms that other western countries prohibited. Later, the country began to offer more liberties to women and blacks, as well as open its doors to an influx of immigrants from all over the world.

The Cultural Problem

Perhaps, this is the reason why the country has been referred to as a variety of metaphors including melting pot, implying that the country is slowly assimilating the differences into one culture. However, America more closely resembles a salad, where the different cultures and ethnicities create a vibrant and colorful salad.

Many sociologists agree with this perspective based on extensive research, history, and analytical theories. Immigrant families like the Jacintos are rightfully wary of idealized American culture. Oftentimes, children are influenced by the worst aspects of society.

Even children of immigrants share the same attitude as their parents. While they are fluent in English and have an easier time assimilating to the culture, a recent study of children of immigrants from Haiti, Cuba, West Indies, Mexico, and Vietnam suggested that they, themselves do not consider them pure Americans.

Rather, the children preferred to label themselves as hyphenated Americans eg: Korean-American, Mexican-American instead of American, and few of the children believed in the ideal that the United States was the best country in the world.

These children speak the common American language, but view themselves culturally distinct from the mainstream. Furthermore, in many states, immigrants have a tendency to cluster into niche neighborhoods according to specific ethnic populations.

Rather than adopting typically American lifestyles, these groups import their unique cultural identity to the country. Almost every major city has an Asian, African, European, and Latin American community with an array of restaurants, museums and shops, and cultural center.

Once considered exotic, foods like sushi and burritos have now become staples of American culture. As different culture continue to pervade into the American mainstream, once-unique attributes slowly become associated with the commonplace. Again, we see that instead of seeing people of different backgrounds trying to embody once central stereotype, they actually share their differences with one another and combine them to create an identity composed of a variety of influences.

Many groups prefer settling into areas with similar ethnicities. In fact, ethnic dispersion in the country is quite limited. Most immigrants tend to move to only six major states: Based on these US Census Bureau statistics, it is evident that not all Americans mix everywhere, thus proving the inaccuracy of the melting pot scenario.

Like a salad, there can be more concentrations of certain elements in some areas, whereas other parts will not. Different ethnic Americans advocate their distinct identities in the mainstream media and politics. Instead of the Italians trying to assimilate to the traditionally mainstream culture, they fought to preserve their identity and fight the unfair stereotypes.

Essay on shunning

As more immigrants have moved to the country, the trend in ethnic advocacy is only growing. They follow the footsteps of the African American and Latin American communities that have deep rooted political movements as well as special entertainment niches.Antwone Fisher, author of New York Times’ bestseller Finding Fish: a Memoir, and writer and producer of the blockbuster movie Antwone Fisher.

Fisher was born in prison two months after his father was murdered and when his mother fails to collect him on her release from jail, he spends his childhood in various foster homes, including the. Shunning is the act of deliberately avoiding association with, and habitually keeping away from an individual or group.

It is a sanction against association often associated with religious groups and other tightly-knit organisations and communities. Shunning has a long history as a means of organisational influence and control. An essay posted by Ross Wolfe on his blog and written by Juraj Katalenac provides the most recent example of this kind of mendacious, reckless, and libelous imputation to me of political malice and naked opportunist ambition.

Thus, shunning is a strategy to control people’s speech and behavior. It puts social pressure on an individual to change and conform. The problem with shunning someone because of their words or actions is it often results in contradictory behavior. Back to Mormon Quotes Index.

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Shunning is not a formal action by the ecclesiastical leaders in the LDS Church. However, some words spoken by the leaders tend to foster shunning behavior as well as insular thinking/behavior in which those who are not (or no longer) members are seen as people to be avoided. Associated essays on this site: " Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification " between the Lutheran World Federation and the Roman Catholic Church.

" Evangelicals and Catholics Together " is an organization of Evangelical Protestants and Roman Catholics who are attempting to cooperate.

Essay on shunning