Fibonacci sequence essay

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Fibonacci sequence essay

Carefully interlocked the blocks gave a uniform smooth surface to all 4 sides.

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As a result the whole structure shone brilliant white in the light of the reflected sun. Now more recently, in AD, a great earthquake struck the Giza region loosening the outer casing stones, causing many of them to fall off about the base.

And this enabled one Bahri Sultan An-Nasir Nasir-ad-Din al-Hasan at the time to salvage them for various building projects in nearby Cairo; including the construction of Mosques and fortresses. Based upon what few remaining casing stones have survived, it has been possible to reconstruct the pattern as encompassed the pyramid in its original state, to determine what would have been the total number of casing stones as once covered the structure.

The number is question is And this, is by way of the ratio between the arc length distance up from the equator to the pyramid, and the side length of the structure: Latitude Arc — equator to pyramid at Now in terms of evaluating the strength of the relationship, one may note that the level of error is very small indeed.

In light of this association then, the chosen number of casing stones appears to have been set at 10 times the value of the ratio between the latitude arc of The Great Pyramid and its base side length. Indeed, it is also found to be associated with Biblical prophecy, Mesoamerican calendar systems, and astronomical cycles.

And this includes basic numeric derivations beginning with the sequence Consider the following selection: The Bible - Revelation In the book of Revelation Apocalypse the servant of God John is given a series of visions of the earth being subject to extreme devastation in some far off future age.

In one such vision a command is given to four angels who have been given the power to harm the land and the sea: In order, the names of the primary units and their duration are given in the image to the left.

One can see then that the largest cycle of the Long Count is the Baktun at precisely days, equal to approximately The Orbit of Ceres Between the planets Mars and Jupiter there is a debris field of rock commonly known as the asteroid belt; a widely dispersed field populated by objects ranging in size from several hundred miles in diameter down to dust.

One object however stands out as being far greater in size than all others: Unlike the other larger fragments of rock that compose the asteroid belt, Ceres is itself classed as a dwarf planet.

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And this is due to the fact that it is a true spheroid in shape — not merely a jagged edge piece of rock. It is indeed the largest single object within the field, with an orbital period of some Now in my book, The Lost Age of High Knowledge, I present a comprehensive and exacting proof that the main bodies of the solar system were once in an ideal configuration.

At such a time, the earth possessed exactly days per year. Moreover, in the ordering of the system, the planet Ceres possessed precisely 4 times the ideal earth orbital period: The Fibonacci sequence In the realm of mathematics there exists a special numeric sequence found to generate a very important ratio, known as the golden ratio.

Basically, every number in the sequence is the sum of the 2 preceding numbers e. Moreover, if one takes any two numbers next to one another and divides the larger by the smaller, one will get a ratio that is close to 1.This is the Fibonacci sequence “1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55 If you add two numbers in the sequence next to each other, the sum of those two numbers will be next in the sequence.

Fibonacci sequence essay

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The numeric value within the esoteric realm. Megalithic casing stones, the Baktun of the Long Count, Revelation, the planet Ceres, & The Fibonacci Sequence.

8 and 13 create 21 this is the next number shown and the 7th number of the sequence. 5 and 16 make 21 as 21 and 10 make 31, thus even if the numbers are not exactly the same as the Fibonacci sequence they still follow the formula where the two preceding numbers equate to the next number.

Fibonacci sequence essay

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