First amendment essay contest

Essay contest Thank you to everyone who submitted essays for the First Amendment Week essay contest. Lomicky, associate dean for graduate studies and research, University of Nebraska at Kearney Josh Wheeler, associate director, The Thomas Jefferson Center The winning essay, written by freshman business management major Elena Dulys-Nusbaum, follows.

First amendment essay contest

A group of writers and media professionals called PEN America has filed a lawsuit stating that President Donald Trump is violating the First Amendment by threatening and directing retaliation against media organizations and journalists.

First amendment essay contest

The lawsuitfiled Tuesday in federal court in New York City, says journalists who report on the president or his administration reasonably believe they face a threat of retaliation for doing their jobs. The suit says Trump has repeatedly called for action to punish Amazon because its chief shareholder, Jeff Bezos, owns the Washington Post.

Then the president directed the U. Postal Service to review its financial practices, including the shipping rates it offers companies such as Amazon, according to the suit.

First amendment essay contest

The suit also says Trump has threatened action against CNN. The lawsuit did not succeed.

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Trump also has threatened to revoke broadcast licenses and once banned a CNN reporter from a Rose Garden press conference, the suit says. The clinic was established in by four Yale law students who believed many journalists had no access to legal services as investigative reporting moved from traditional news organizations to websites, blogs and other startups.

The clinic has litigated gag orders, defended libel claims and pursued access-to-information cases.


The information sought includes documents on death penalty procedures, secret opinions of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, sealed records in the case of a Guantanamo detainee, and judicial records in Philadelphia.

An edited version is below.

First amendment rights essays

How did the clinic become involved in the PEN America case? How is work on the case divided between students and lawyers?

Students take a leading role in litigation. In the PEN case, the students conducted a number of legal research projects and reviewed and revised drafts of the complaint. The students also participated in conversations around strategy and outreach. How has the clinic experience helped students prepare for their careers?

MFIA also allows students to explore potential career paths, develop subject-matter expertise, and get a sense of what being a lawyer is actually like.The New Jersey Second Amendment Society (NJ2AS) is holding its first high school essay writing contest.

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Beginning November 1 st, high school students are invited to submit an essay up to words about the Second Amendment. Get up to speed on First Amendment issues, from the basics to cutting edge topics, in a minimal amount of time.

Constitution Day - First Amendment Essay Contest, cash prizes to top 3 winners Please encourage your students to submit an essay for Constitution Day The Constitution Day Essay Contest is open to all UK undergraduate students.

Does the First Amendment protect the right of National Football League players to kneel during the national anthem as a protest against racial inequality and police treatment of minorities? Judges for the contest were Janet Manko, Martin Margulies, Tom Crider, Lyn Hottes, Forrest Palmer, Eileen FitzGerald and Mary Connolly.

For the essay, pick one of the freedoms guaranteed in the First Amendment (speech, press, religion, assembly, or government petition) and write about its importance to our way of life.

Students are encouraged to do factual research on the topic, but to write creatively and personally, rather than write a . After reading, please write words on (1) whether the right to free speech should include the right to say things that are offensive and controversial, and (2) which side of the campus free speech debate is more persuasive (and why).

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