Gisolf thesis

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Gisolf thesis

When the data is not acquired on an equidistantly spaced grid, artifacts may result in the final image. Fourier reconstruction is an interpolation technique that can reduce these artifacts by generating uniformly sampled data from such non-uniformly sampled data. The method works by estimating via least-squares inversion the Fourier coefficients that describe the non-uniformly sampled data.

These coefficients are then used to reconstruct the data on the regular grid. In this thesis this data reconstruction method has been significantly improved through the observation that seismic data typically can be described by relatively few Fourier coefficients, which is incorporated as a model sparseness constraint in the inversion.

This so-called sparse inversion improves the data reconstruction in large gaps and, with some modifications, also allows reconstruction of spatially aliased seismic data. Additionally, it enables the reconstruction of marine streamer seismic data that is sparsely sampled in four spatial dimensions, provided the sampling in the azimuthal coordinate is doubled with respect to current acquisition practice.—Chapter 1— 7 Chapter 1.

Effects of gravity on the circulation Introduction In man on Earth, circulating blood is subjected to gravity. On standing up, blood is.

Gisolf thesis

made. The first plate depicts an impressive personification of the city of Amsterdam showing the maid of Amsterdam with in the background the man-of-war Amsterdam and the shipyard of the Dutch East India Company (VOC).

True-Amplitude Seismic Imaging Beneath Gas Clouds PROEFSCHRIFT ter verkrijging van de graad van doctor aan de Technische Universiteit Delft, op gezag van de Rector Magnificus K.C.A.M Luyben.

Implementation Of A Sourcetracking System Using Cross Correlation Of Speech Signals S.A.

Gisolf thesis

Atmadja Thesis Supervisors: prof. dr.

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ir. A. Gisolf. Janneke Gisolf, University of Amsterdam medical researcher (Age: 26, Nationality: Dutch) "I am doing the CIRCA and HEART experiments for my doctoral thesis at the University of Amsterdam. Both the experiments are intended to show how people's blood pressure reacts in weightless conditions.

A seismic receiver array has a plurality of seismic receiver channels, each coupled to a local surrounding in an earth formation. A formation-material-dependent response of each seismic receiver channel is determined, and associated with an assumed depth for the corresponding seismic receiver channel.

c. Outline of this thesis 2. Cerebral venous outflow pathway is posture dependent 13 J Physiol Oct 1;(Pt 1) 3. Model of end-tidal CO2 during posture change 29 J Physiol Jan 15;(Pt 2) 4. Effects of nitroglycerine in routine tilt testing 47 J . E. Hulsebos, “ Auralization using wave field synthesis,” Ph.D. thesis, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, The measured responses are processed to decompose the sound field into plane waves by using cylindrical harmonics. Gisolf dedicated his thesis—"Beschrijving van een microscopisch onderzoek van Gabbros en Amfibolieten herkomstig van Midden-Celebes"—to G.A.F. Molengraaff, his close friend. W.F. Gisolf is further well known from his publication in the "Jaarboek van het Mijnwezen in N.O.I." from with the title "De meteoriet van Tjerebon".
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