Lifespan and personality

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Lifespan and personality

Even though they are fairly low maintenance pets, you can maximize the typical betta fish life span by taking some relatively simple steps. You see the average betta life expectancy is around two to three years.

Lifespan and personality

What should I feed my fish to insure they thrive and not just survive? How often should I change their water or clean their tank? These are common questions. Others too are seeking answers to questions like those to insure their bettas live a good long time. So how can you help your bettas enjoy a maximum life expectancy?

Size Does Matter — Tank Size That Is Exquisite finnage aside, bettas are modestly sized fish measuring in at around two inches in body length. But as diminutive as they are, they still need to be Lifespan and personality in adequate quarters. No, the ideal tank size for any respectable betta is a 5-gallon tank.

And the minimum you can get by with 2. So yes, tank size does matter. The bigger the better because keeping them in a gallon tank means better water qualitybetter filtration and more comfortable, stable water temps.

Water Quality is Critical Did you know that poor water quality is the primary reason bettas get sick and die?

You can even get away with not testing your water for ammonia, nitrates and nitrites if you replace it often enough.

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When removing half the water you want to get the dirtiest half. To do so get yourself a turkey baster. Although with your smaller tanks filtering may not be an option. And you may yet not be able to tie how your fish is behaving to specific water quality issues either.

The ideal test results would be ammonia 0 ppm, nitrite 0 ppm, nitrate ppm. Drastic deviations from that make it crystal clear when water quality needs attending to. Proper Feeding Bettas are gluttonous carnivores and consummate beggars who have adapted to living off limited amounts of food.

Still some have smaller appetites than others and some are super finicky eaters. Which means there are few hard and fast rules when it comes to feeding time. Which is better freeze dried or live? Could knowing the answer make the difference between vibrant, healthy, thriving bettas and those that are just hanging on?

To find out check out this page with four videos exposing some favorite betta fish food and their reaction to it. A diet of frozen bloodworms, frozen brine shrimp and good quality pellets like for instance OmegaOne betta food is more than adequate.

However if you want to go above and beyond for your fish, live foods like glassworms, brine shrimp or bloodworms are probably the best. Just not that easy to come by. More than that is overfeeding.

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And remember more problems are caused by overfeeding than underfeeding. Then too uneaten food will just foul their water. And do I need to remind you that poor water quality is one of the leading causes of premature betta death?

So be sure to remove anything that remains uneaten and left to fester by your fish. Bettas can go for days without eating with no ill effects. Tropical Water for a Tropical Tank Critter Temperature is another essential requirement for healthy betta living.

Bettas, being native to Asian tropical regions like Thailand, Malaysia, and Cambodia, thrive on heat. All the more reason to have a bigger aquarium that can be heated properly and safely.

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Lifespan Development and Personality