Master thesis defense invitation letter

Distributional Drury The originator of this Drury-style conventional method remains unknown. This method or variation of the concept allows both partners to communicate information about their holdings.

Master thesis defense invitation letter

I wrote the original German version of this paper in the summer of for the German edition of this book Grundlagen zur Zeitgeschichte.

The text was updated and slightly enhanced for the first English edition inand again for the second English edition infrom which the following text has been taken.

Revisionist research has made considerable progress since, so that several aspects are now in need of yet another update. But I will wait with this until a new edition is on the horizon.

So by reading this you can both learn about the Holocaust, about revisionism, and about Yours Truly. I hope you enjoy it. A German-Jewish Vision of the Future When the cultural and social integration of the Jews in Germany became a reality in the course of the 19th century, this development also heralded one of the greatest and most fruitful symbioses that ever connected two peoples.

For one, the identification of the central and partly also of the eastern European Jews with German culture and even with the German nation could not be overlooked. The high points of Jewish participation in the fate of the German nation no doubt include the many Jewish front-line soldiers of World War I, some of whom were highly decorated for their valor.

William S. Lind On War Archive

Who still remembers today the name Eduard von Simson, the son of formerly Jewish parents who later converted to the Protestant faith?

An examination of a list of Nobel laureates for the first part of the 20th century reveals not only the striking predominance of German scientists, but also, among these, the large numbers of adherents to the Jewish faith. If it seems a distant, utopian dream: Today, German-Jewish relations are dominated by the accounts of suffering between and These years seem to have irretrievably poisoned German-Jewish relations, which are marked by a pattern of never-ending accusations on the one side and equally never-ending penitence on the other.

What falls by the wayside is any recollection of such events of our common history that have positive value and could serve as a model for future co-existence.

It is my wish that both peoples should come together again in a partnership of mutual respect, so as to take up the traditions of an era that brought the world, Jewry, and the German people such immense benefit.

It is also my wish that the time may come, at long last, where all the reciprocal contempt or disdain, mutual distrust and fear are eroded and ultimately removed.

I long for the end of an era that has brought the world, Jewry, and the German people as much misfortune as perhaps no era before.

Michael Wolffsohn, Professor of History at the University of the German Bundeswehr in Munich, realized that the Jewish side in particular considers the constant remembrance of the Holocaust [6] to be the third main pillar of Jewish identity today, right next to the Jewish religion and Jewish nationalism.

master thesis defense invitation letter

A reconciliation between both people, however, requires more than that. Reconciliation can progress only in a climate which fosters speaking from the heart and listening with an open mind and spirit; where opinions are expressed rather than choked back or even suppressed; where points of contention are discussed in a civilized manner and not hidden by hushing-up, distractionism, or violence.

It is a question of whether the tendency, pointed out by Professor Wolffsohn, to remodel the Holocaust into a new transcendental pillar of Jewish identity, might have contributed to exaggerations and hence distortions of the way in which the events in question are themselves portrayed. With this handbook of free scientific expression of opinion regarding the historiography of the Holocaust, I wish to extend a general invitation to an open discussion of these matters among equals, despite — or because of — the fact that, unlike most other publications on this topic, the position taken here is a controversial one.

The first and foremost goal of this discussion is the joint and sincere search for truth, in order to contribute to a reconciliation between Jews and Germans, which may perhaps result in a realization of my dream of a revival of the German-Jewish symbiosis.


The Central Taboo of Our Time But does this discussion, conducted in a spirit of partnership, also include the Holocaust? Does any specific how and how much even matter?

Let us assume for a moment that how and how much do not matter; to an extent, this view is certainly morally justified. Why then is there a need today for official insistence, backed up at least in most countries of Europe with threats of criminal prosecution, that things were exactly as we are being told they were, and not a whit different?

If the details really do not matter very much at all, then why is there such adamant refusal to discuss them and to consider other opinions?

If no one questions the morally reprehensible nature of the persecution of the Jews per se, why should it not be possible to discuss individual aspects of this persecution in a controversial manner?

Is it a social taboo that must be respected, as Professor Arnd Simon said? However, Ernst Nolte was not content with this, and elaborated his point further: Nevertheless, his professional colleagues as well as the media kept perfectly quiet after his publication.

Needless to say that the radical leftists did take counter-measures — not in the form of published rebuttals, but in the form of violence. While PC has shown social effects in the United States, it has remained largely without pronounced consequences in the political and especially the legal arena there, and has also prompted considerable counter-currents.


The origins of this development are complex. For one thing, by means of the provisions for compulsory licensing [22] the so-called re-education program of the post-WWII American government in Germany ensured that socially influential positions, particularly those in the major print and broadcast media, in historiography, and in sociology, were held by decidedly anti-Fascist, i.

There was no free press and no academic freedom at the universities untilwhen Germany was granted partial sovereignty. Conservative or right-wing publications could not counterbalance the economic advantages held in by the media that had been established in or shortly thereafter.

The same goes for certain academic circles in German colleges and universities, where ideologically defined elements constantly perpetuate themselves. And to make sure that the situation could not change in political respects either, the so-called Office for the Protection of the Constitution was established in Germany; besides combating openly Communist political parties, this Office does all it can to shunt all conservative, national or right-wing parties and their members into a juridical void.

Consequently, Germany has no major conservative or right-wing media, next to no such university or college professors, and no such political parties of any significance. Radnitzky exposes the methods with which this manipulative, mendacious and falsifying elite uses media campaigns to bring about the downfall of persons holding dissenting opinions, and how this elite does not even balk at using or at least tolerating violence, for example in the form of assassination and arson of insignificant right-wing politicians or publications.

Obviously, as was already the case before World War Two, a weak and self-destructive Germany, descending into a new totalitarian state in whose internal affairs the powers-that-be meddle at will, is again preferred to a strong German democracy, which would obviously present unwelcome economic, political and moral competition.How should I email dissertation to committee?

Barth points out, make sure the people know when the defence is. In most places, university staff sends the official invitation, but if you know the dates, you can include them: When should I send thank you letter or email to my thesis committee members?

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Oct 13,  · My thesis is entitled “Essays in Whatever” and is comprised of three papers: • Crap 1; The private defense of my thesis is scheduled in the first week of December and will take place at EnglishForum. Invitation letter asking a professor to serve on the thesis committee.

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