Outline for genetically modified food

Popular opinion says that GMOs genetically modified organisms are dangerous, possibly lethally so.

Outline for genetically modified food

Bob Gregory I regret that the content of this article is sophomoric in its analysis of both the processes of creating GM foods and the benefits derived from them.

Dwindling Varieties

I am startled to find such a simple treatment of this topic here and must conclude that the information presented is little more than lopsided, pro-GM propaganda.

I could spend my entire morning pointing out its flaws— which would probably mean writing a whole new article on the subject, but I have a life to lead and I just wasted a few minutes of it already. I am not impressed. Jim Larsen For many GMO crops the purpose of the genetic engineering is to allow higher doses of a toxic herbicide to be applied.

How is pouring billions of tons of Roundup poison into the earth every year a good thing? In places like Argentina where this is happening the children who run barefoot are developing new diseases. In India Monsanto took over the cotton seed industry and now charge these dirt poor farmers 4 times as much for the seed that has not proven over time to provide a higher yield.

Studies of the harmful effects of eating GMO food are being released, even though Monsanto does its best to prevent such release.

The author of the above article must be on the payroll of a PR firm hired by Monsanto.

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Spreading mis-information is a common tactic Monsanto learned from the tobacco companies. Shana I agree with Bob and Angela. I urge the author to report such issues without bias, utilize current primary! These online articles, and the many other websites like them, are an important source of information for the general public.

Outline for genetically modified food

As the intermediate between complicated scientific findings and an anxious reader, it is critical that the author understands the field and reports pertinent information in a simple, engaging, and most importantly, accurate manner. Out of the entire list of advantages you mention, the only crops that are currently grown are herbicide-tolerant or Bt-crops.

No disease resistance, cold tolerance, drought tolerance, added-nutrition, or pharmaceuticals are commercially available.

Ancient Genetic Modification

In conclusion, Genetically Modified foods have enormous potential to increase costs, exacerbate poverty, increase hunger and malnutrition, and decrease innovation due to monopolistic practices.

We invite you to submit opinion pieces with alternate views, as we strive to present all sides of all issues related to food safety. Please contact us at info foodsafetynews. Although I realize the article was not written yesterday, my opinion is not based solely on her article and I was not aware of the extreme evolution of GM foods that would turn all of GM positives into negatives.

I suppose the best I can do is try to tell you why.GE is famous for the scientific research of medicine production and the production of genetically modified food. GMOs differ from transgenic organisms because in GMOs, genes are altered without the addition of genes from an unrelated organism.

Ashley Rowe. Communications Massey. January 15, Specific Purpose: After hearing my speech my audience will understand the risks and benefits of genetically modified food and why GMF are controversial, especially in the United States.

INTRODUCTION. Attention Getter - Did you know that sixty percent of the food you eat contains one or more genetically modified ingredients? Nov 30,  · Though detrimental effects of pesticides and genetically-modified seeds and food have been shown, further research is needed to prove the link between pesticides and genetic modifications that lead to obesity in infants and children.

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The question of genetically modified foods is one of the most controversial nowadays and many public interest groups and environmental organizations have been actively protesting against them. Still, the genetic engineering is widely used all over the world.

Research paper on genetically modified food used for