Problems of pakistani youth

The eldest is 10 and the youngest is just six months old. She begins her morning by rushing to a water pump to collect water in plastic cans for her home where there is not enough running water.

Problems of pakistani youth

Since the establishment of Pakistan, youth had always been crushed and oppressed by teachers, leaders and parents. They failed to get exposed to the world that could lead to a new era of modernization. As the clock ticked and time flew, things started to change their discourse.

The new century brought about much advancement along with the change in trends of Pakistani youth. Problems of Youth in Pakistan: Alongside the changing trends in 21st centuryproblems of Pakistani youth have started to dwindle.

Pakistani Youth Problems Youth Problems In Pakistan Youth Problems In Pakistan As being the part of this youth generation every single teenager will clearly understand the youth problems in Pakistan.
Answer Question The main problem is the communication gap between them and their elders — the former believing themselves to be old enough for taking their own decisions for matters personal or social while the latter just refuse to hand over this responsibility to them.
Email Bulletin Why is youth reckless driving a problem? At this age they lack the sense of proper judgment, there hormonal cycle dictates certain behaviors which are so dangerous while driving, the training is insufficient for the …motor jungle around us and last but not least is the negative effect of media What are the problems that are faced by modern youth?
Follow us on... Those from low and middle income groups, have few opportunities to develop to their full potential.
Three major Issues for Pakistani Youth There is mounting evidence to prove that lack of investment and an indifference to the needs of youth incur a high cost in terms of lost development opportunities, ill health and social, physical, mental disruption. And it means failure to fully support our present "asset" as well as next generation of parents and leaders.

The world is a continuous process of change and so it brings with it distinctive features in which modernization in youth plays huge importance.

As globalization took place, it became harder for teachers, leaders and parents to further hold back youth in homes. These students found their way to their demands.

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The supply had always been short but this time these young Pakistanis created their own demand and became their own suppliers. They have started to negate the old irrational conventions that have been down streaming their lives.

Through the use of media, internet and self right realization; these rising humans instilled with great zeal and zest have found a common point where they could lead their lives with cultural and contemporary trends.

Talented Pakistani Youth Talented Pakistani youth has started to bring in more innovation and novel ideas than a matured one.

Problems of pakistani youth

The science has lead older people to understand that after living a life of forty years and above, the brain is less able to produce something new and revolutionary.

Now we see the youth working in across Pakistan in almost all the fields currently working. From education to films to arts to medicine to engineering to politics; you would not find a place where these young talented people are not functioning. Every day they bring in new ideas such as Street Art Competitions, Sports events, Debates, magazines, public relations and the list goes on.

Power to Speak A new trend has started to emerge in Pakistani youth i. About a decade ago, young people were not allowed to raise their voices against elders. Even if the elders were completely irrational about a certain situation or subject, youth was not allowed to interfere in it.

But now these people have started to realize that not all their experiences are applicable in the contemporary world of fast choices.

Optimism of Youth in Pakistan: Optimism is an intriguing step that the youth in Pakistan has recently adopted. They have seen their families and relatives living lives in depression and so dying a painful death. They have seen people regretting what they did and sticking to the negative side of the situation and eventually falling into a dig of wasted wishes.

Pakistani youth has now chosen a path of positivism. This way they can mould, innovate and produce whatever they think is best. They are currently striving for the betterment and progress of country. They are not self centered rather they have adapted ways which would make the people of Pakistan unite and bring about change as a whole.

Voice of Youth I have been sitting here for a while listening to all those voices of youth. To feel what you have, you need to forget what you had.Pakistan is a country facing massive problems such as poverty, illiteracy, health issues, terrorism and the worst of all, violence.

Though violence on the whole is a terrible problem, violence against women has no cultural or class limitations. dividend—Pakistan’s 61 million young citizens can also be key enablers of wider development outcomes.

Youth development is critical for young people to realize their capabilities to pursue gainful and decent employment, education opportunities, health and wellbeing, as well as civic and political empowerment (The Commonwealth, ).

The youth of today has been widely outclassed; they do not consider themselves to be too young to be pampered, and they are not supposed to be old enough to take responsibility on their own shoulders.

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Problems of pakistani youth

Tags: Local trackback. Young people constitute the largest [67% resides between the age ] segment of Pakistani population.

I was going through an article about the problems of Youth, in which it was highlighted that Pakistani Youth is especially facing a lot of problems because youth in any country requires recreational facilitates but there is a lack of recreational facilities in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s youth face major problems. The talent of Pakistani youth has been crumpled for years and years but the time is demonstrating that Pakistani youth is the best talented youth the world has ever seen.

The Youth in the west gets groomed by developed organizations but Pakistani youth is the only youth that is generating records in.

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