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Fired For Having the Cancer Gene? No employer would possibly let go an employee with a stellar record simply because of genetic test results. Pamela Fink of Hartford, Conn. Fink, 39, claims that her supervisors at MXenergy practiced disability discrimination when they first demoted her and eventually dismissed her after she underwent a voluntary double mastectomy.

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Fink went through the grueling operation at the suggestion of physicians who found that she possesed a gene implicated in breast cancer. Pamela Fink and her two sisters each were tested in and all three tested positive for the breast cancer gene, BARC2.

Fink's sisters were both diagnosed with cancer and both survived after receiving treatment. MXenergy, a natural gas and electricity supplier, previously had promoted Pamela Fink, who had received glowing reviews during her time at the company.

Fink claims that MXenergy's attitude changed, however, once she informed her bosses of her test results. According to her complaints filed with the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission and the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights, she was relieved of her duties as public relations director at MXenergy in March about a year after her double mastectomy.

Fink was shocked that the consultant MXenergy had hired while she was in recovery was now her boss when she returned back to work. Her title, most of her responsibilities and her office all had been taken from her after the first surgery.

Six weeks after her second mastectomy, Fink was fired and escorted out of the MXenergy office building.Persuasive Essay - Choice of University - Wgu. University and remain very satisfied with this choice.

Cost is a major determining factor, and one in which WGU holds a tremendous advantage over competing learning institutions. One must consider the annual cost of WGU at $5,, compared to the average annual cost of a public institution at $32, Other online institutions also cannot.

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Looking for advice from WGU graduates and all nurses. I'm stuck on PYT1/Leadership experience. For this class I have to present a proposal and solution on a problem identified in a practice setting that aligns with organizational priorities that i want to address.

Pxt1 wgu

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