Research papers on owning a dog vs. owning a cat

The Advantage of Having a Dog Vs. If you're considering the pros and cons of sharing life with a dog versus a cat, the true dilemma is not so much which critter makes the best pet -- both have their perks. The real puzzle is who are you and what you expect from your furry friend.

Research papers on owning a dog vs. owning a cat

Uncategorized Pet ownership represents a large emotional — and financial — commitment. Whether you buy from a pet store or a breeder, adopt an animal from a shelter, or take in a stray, initial costs are just the beginning of the story.

This guide examines the different costs associated with pet ownership and helps you know what to expect, how to plan for these expenses, and potential ways to reduce the financial burden of pet ownership.

The Lifetime Cost of a Pet There are two main cost areas when owning a pet: Combining both of these costs together will give you a rough estimate of the lifetime cost of your pet.

Acquisition Costs One of the first expenses of pet ownership is the adoption or purchase price. The price of purchasing from a breeder is typically influenced by the demand for that particular breed.

Reputable breeders will charge fair, if competitive, prices, while backyard breeders will charge high prices to earn a profit. You should avoid purchasing from backyard breeders; their practices are driven by money rather than care for the animals.

Backyard breeders often purchase from puppy mills and other unethical institutions. The Partnership for Animal Welfare provides a useful guide for identifying the differences between backyard breeders and legitimate breeders. Legitimate breeders know their breeds and can refer buyers to other satisfied customers, while backyard breeders will sell to whomever is willing to pay.

Adoption costs, on the other hand, cover a variety of expenses.

Research papers on owning a dog vs. owning a cat

Many shelters and rescues will microchip animals, provide medical care and heartworm care, and in some cases even spay and neuter animals. Medical Costs Medical costs are arguably the most expensive aspect of owning a pet; even smaller expenses quickly add up.

None of this includes emergency treatments your pet may require. Pet insurance is another expense that can be marked as a medical expense, but is well worth it.

We explain pet insurance in a later section. Grooming Costs Depending on the breed of dog or cat you own, grooming can be a relatively minor cost or a budget-breaking one.

Long haired breeds require much more grooming than short haired breeds, although you can often reduce the cost of grooming by handling it yourself. Depending on the size of your pet, this could be enough for a single month.

Equipment Costs Equipment costs vary wildly depending on the individual. However, for an indoor pet, you may only need water and food bowls and a few toys.

This cost depends entirely on your personal circumstances. Training Costs Training is an optional cost. If you have owned a dog before, then you may be able to get away with training it on your own unless it is a particularly difficult breed.

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Not only does training reduce behavioral issues, but it can also reduce costs later in the future; for instance, the cost of a lawsuit or medical treatments if your dog bites someone. Average Initial and Lifetime Pet Costs The Cost of Owning a Dog Dogs and cats are the two most popular pets on the planet, but the differences between these two animals are stark.

Dogs tend to require far more attention than cats do.The Culture of Dog Ownership Research Paper In order for a future pet owner to make a choice between investing in a dog or cat, it all comes down to the cost, time, Paper made from chemical pulps are also known as wood-free papers–not to be confused with tree-free paper.

Tips on Owning. German Shepherds are most effective if properly trained. Their confidence is a natural trait, and they will stand up next to or in front of their owners even with lackadaisical owners.

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Cats vs. Dogs Many people own both a cat and a dog and love them both. They will provide you with unconditional love and protection, but there are a few downsides to owning a dog. Within time and practice, dogs will learn cats Research Paper The domestic cat was.

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