Rick bethlem thesis

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Rick bethlem thesis

However, there is another argument that is focused on, though not detailed, in the documentary, and it concerns the text that we have of Josephus.

When it comes to doing historical analysis, the first thing that needs to be established is the text you are trying to interpret and derive historical information from. This means you need to do what is called textual criticism, in which you try to best represent what the text actually was before various copyists and editors had their way with it.

Rick bethlem thesis

Some errors in copying are simply misunderstandings of a marginal note being taken as something to include into the main body of the text.

Other times a copyist gets tired and misses a few lines of the original. And because we have almost no original copies of any text from antiquity, we are relying on those copyists, mostly from the medieval period, to relay to us what the ancients had written.

This means that we need to make sure that the data we derive from the works we have are as close as we can to what was intended by the author. We cannot do so perfectly, and without the original it is impossible to really know.

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However, we can reconstruct the earliest versions possible of a document, knowing what it was like in, say, the 4th century, even if it was written in the 1st. What is this new evidence? It was based on his length of rule from two different starting points, it was based on his age of death and when he was 25 years old, it was based on the reigns of his sons, and it had outside confirmation where possible.

The point is, if there were textual corruptions, they had an amazing tendency to be consistent, and that is rather strange. Changes to a text are far more often accidental, such as misreading a number, and they ought to be random.

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But to have a collection of numbers, scattered among more than one writing by the same person, all consistently giving the same answer, is not expected on random errors. So already, this argument based on a new textual witness seems unlikely. But if there is are manuscripts that have all the numbers different and still consistent, and those numbers instead indicate that Herod died in 1 BCE rather than otherwise, we should pay attention.

So, with that introductory thought, what are these textual witnesses saying? There is actually only one number change that is considered, and it deals with the length of the reign of one of the sons of Herod the Great, that of Philip.

What Beyer finds is that there are a number of manuscripts that say Philip reigned until the 22nd year of Tiberius rather than the 20th year. Now, this is already an immensely weak premise. A textual variant in a single place is supposed to overturn all other things?

Beyer and others are thus left with a number of ad-hoc suggestions to fix the problem. But we can see that the methods used by Beyer and accepted uncritically by Larson are highly suspect.

For one thing, his analysis shows that the number of years reigned is highly variant, anywhere between 37 the standard version accepted by scholars and 22 years. In fact, because of these textual variants, Beyer argues that Philip actually began to properly rule in 4 CE. When you look, you discover he is actually not using proper, scientific methodology in his work.

What a scholar is supposed to do here is not simply find a large number of manuscripts, count them, and declare the majority the winner. You can have another manuscript be, on its own, a closer exemplar to an older tradition.Vacuum structure of the strong interaction with a Peccei-Quinn symmetry Wilco J.

den Dunnen November 27, Master’s thesis Supervisor: Dr. Dani¨el Boer Second reader: Dr. Rick Bethlem Theoretical Physics Group Department of Physics and Astronomy that is the subject of this thesis. The main question will be whether the PQ mechanism. Germ Gun Steel Thesis. The Volokh Conspiracy – Guns, Germs, All Over but the Shoutin by Rick Bragg 16 Copies Rick Bragg grew up in poverty, the second of three sons of an alcoholic, Maryland for Bethlehem Steel Corporation Energy Citations Database.

A question regarding the last thing you wrote.

Rick bethlem thesis

Were you merely sharing a thought? Or were you defending a thesis? The answer to this question has a major impact on my writing style for each extreme.

Thoughts are the seeds best cast into Twitter, where the constraints of characters provide a perfectly sized container for an idea that is attempting to take root. A nice essay by Prof. Rick Trebino from Georgia Tech (here is the comment he finally published).

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