Role of media in exposing scams

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Role of media in exposing scams

Introduction Who is this chapter for? Anyone who wishes to expose corruption and mismanagement in their town, region or country. Particularly those who are prevented from using traditional media print, radio or televisioneither through fear or reprisal or because traditional media is state-controlled or censored.

The tools and best practices discussed here are most effective when harnessed by local people who are directly affected by the issues they wish to expose, rather than by outside agents. What is its purpose?

To craft a strategy for exposing incidents of corruption and other socially pertinent issues through social media. To develop a way of holding politicians and others accountable to the people they are supposed to serve. To set out a framework for responsible and targeted release of sensitive information.

To allow those at the forefront of the campaign against corruption to remain safe from reprisals or from silencing. At a deeper level, the use of social media to expose corruption and mismanagement may encourage civic engagement and ultimately lead to more dynamic, demanding societies.

The cases in which social media may be a useful tool or part of a toolkit in fighting corruption and mismanagement are numerous.

What are its limitations? Social media is not a magic bullet.

Role of media in exposing scams

Let us not exaggerate its power, particularly in these infant stages and particularly since those societies in which corruption is rife tend to be those in which internet usage and 1 http: In all cases, an online social media campaign should lead to offline action, such as a change in the law, the prosecution of a guilty party, or in the most extreme cases a march, protest or revolution.

What do I learn? This chapter covers the steps you must consider when crafting a strategy for exposing corruption and mismanagement through social media.

Along with practical advice and thought-provoking questions, it examines several case studies which throw light upon how social media has been and is being used to expose corruption around the world.

Different situations require different tools and different strategies, so don't expect to simply copy a case study or join the dots to create your master plan. Rather, what follows will help you think through your strategy and make sure that you've covered all relevant angles.

Take aim before you fire Before so much as starting a Facebook page, answer the following questions: Who am I targeting?

Who are the people most affected by this issue, and who are the people most likely to respond to it? Is this target audience a cohesive group? Can I expect them all to react in a similar way? Are they all affected in a similar way or do I need to target each group separately?Fake Responsive Media Work From Home Job Listings I stumbled across an ad for Responsive Media the other day, and noticed something wasn’t quite right.

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Role of media in exposing scams

He was named one of the most creative people in business by Conclusion We have outlined the main considerations around using social media to expose corruption and mismanagement at local, national and international levels.



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Jul 10,  · Media Role in Exposing Scams. - July 4th, Any individual who plays an active role in exposing fraud and corruption, abuse and deceptive practices or any involvement in subverting the interests of justice or publlic responsibility that includes exposing facts and evidence on the internet that may not otherwise be exposed by the media such. Media’s Role In Social Accountability The ability of the citizens, civil society to scrutinize public institutions and governments and to hold them to account. Media is developing social consciousness and actions that are essential to develop and promote social accountability. TJS warns of exposing KCR’s role in scams. THE HANS INDIA | Sep 12,, AM IST TJS warns of exposing KCR’s role in scams Addressing the media here on Tuesday, Dileep said that.

Media plays an important role of independent watch dog and brings forth the grievances of the people to the policy makers. It generates the awareness about the governance. It . Media creates such valuable grupobittia.coms, media has done much good to society by exposing various scams, scandals, frauds, embezzlements and many other cases of corruption leading to initiation of enquiries and other processes of prosecution against the perpetrators of these crimes.

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