Saint maybe chapter summary

As it happened, there are some superficial parallels, but thematically it turned out to have more in common with 's Atonement. And, for the record, I know that both of the films I've m Reading the back-of-the-book synopsis, I expected Saint Maybe to be a sort of grace-centered retread of 's Ordinary People, in which a teenager struggles to come to terms with the death of his older, "better" brother for which he feels partially responsible with the help of a compassionate psychiatrist.

Saint maybe chapter summary

Saint Maybe by Anne Tyler is the story of a man seeking redemption for his past mistakes. He does not do this out of love for the children, for he barely knows them, but out of guilt. Ian blames himself for their deaths. He tells Danny that Lucy is cheating on him, and Danny runs his car into a wall.

Ian turns to religion for answers. He stumbles upon the Church of the Second Chance. It is in this church that he seeks answers. He is told he will find redemption in taking care of the children. Ian throws himself into this with no thought of himself and his former life.

This life is a lonely one that alienates him from his friends and his girlfriend. He struggles to become a better man to relieve the guilt that he feels.

The knowledge that Lucy was not cheating on Danny makes him question himself.

He remains faithful to the church for he feels that only there will he be relieved of the guilt he feels. By sacrificing his life to care for the children, he seeks salvation for the deaths of their parents.

In so doing, he allows the children to grow in a stable environment and find success and love in their own lives. In return, they attempt to help him find someone to share his life.

Saint maybe chapter summary

The children Agatha, Thomas, and Daphne love Ian as their father. Thomas remains faithful to his religious teachings even as he leaves home and begins a life on his own.

Daphne is like her mother and manipulates the religion to fit into what she wants to do. Once the children are grown, Ian finds someone he loves and marries her.

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Rita joins the church and becomes a part of the life that Ian finds very important. She is a good influence on him and the family is happy with his choice. The birth of his own child makes Ian see that his redemption is up to him.

Only he can forgive himself for the guilt he feels. His religion gives him a sense of community and the ability to handle the situation day by day, but ultimately he must let go of the guilt and live his own life. This section contains words approx.This Study Guide consists of approximately 36 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of Saint Maybe.

Saint Maybe is a story of redemption. The novel begins by introducing the residents of Waverly Street in Baltimore.

Saint maybe chapter summary

The title is referring specifically to Ian, as Daphne calls him Saint Maybe and King Careful. The theme of the novel is the inevitability of change and the fact that Ian cannot embrace this makes him too cautious and unable to face life in a healthier manner.

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Saint Maybe is a compelling story about different types of loss, and the ramifications of life-changing moments. The book made me want to keep reading to see what happens to Ian. I wanted him and other characters Life is going well for eighteen-year-old Ian Bedloe/5. Saint Maybe Summary & Study Guide includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis, quotes, character descriptions, themes, and more.

Saint Maybe has 14, ratings and reviews. Jared said: Reading the back-of-the-book synopsis, I expected Saint Maybe to be a sort of grace-centered /5.

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