Sociology divorce essay

In his report on the black family, Daniel Patrick Moynihan highlighted the rising fraction of black children growing up in households headed by unmarried mothers. Since then, social scientists have accumulated a lot more evidence on the effects of family structure. This article will offer some educated guesses about what that evidence means.

Sociology divorce essay

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The children are brought into the family and then ripped out of what they know is right or of their norms.

Henslin defines the family as being two or Sociology divorce essay people who consider themselves related by blood, marriage, or adoption When married you are instantaneously put into a family. When two people decide to get a divorce, their children do not wholly understand what is going on.

This Sociology divorce essay why parents need to open up and see that it is not just about themselves, but it is also about the welfare of their children. Children of any age have difficulty expressing hurt feelings and sadness to parents who are themselves angry and grieving. These parents need to take the initiative and explain to the children what is happening.

Also they need to meet the needs of the children, before themselves, to prevent further psychological damage to the kids. When divorced, the children go through many emotional changes. Children and teenagers have a hard time adjusting to the loss of one member.

They tend to blame themselves and this stress eats at 2 them, which causes pain and trouble later. Some other downfalls, to the children of divorced parents, would be they start engaging in sexual activity sooner, are more likely to have children out of wedlock, are less likely to marry, and if they marry, are more likely to get divorced.

They are likelier to abuse drugs, turn to crime, and commit suicide Leo These are all unfortunate incidences that could have been lessened or even prevented. When Henslin stated that the family consists of two or more people, this is still true for after the divorce. Henslin gives great points when helping children adjust to divorce.

The adjustment is better if 1 both parents show understanding and affection; 2 the child lives with a parent who is making a good adjustment; 3 family routines are consistent; 4 the family has adequate money for its needs; and 5 that the child lives with a parent of the same sex When the parents show love and affection toward the children, their welfare is better in the long run.

These examples are only of the physical and emotional changes. These children are torn between their parent. They were never told to make a choice between one or the other before and they are having a hard time doing that now.

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Parents tend to forget that their children are going through the same emotional roller coaster that they are. When they realize why the children are acting a certain way, it is too late to fix the damage. Later on in life, these children are inclined to reject their parents because of this damage brought on them.

By not interacting with their children, when the divorce was in action, they lose them in the future. Consequences of divorce, not only effect children physically or emotionally, but also financially. This means that the essentials for living will not be as accessible.

Then children will have less of an education and will have jobs that pay less. This will put them into a lower class than of children whose parents were intact. Also they need to listen to them and make sure they try to help them understand what the outcome will be and that things will be different once the divorce is final.

This will help the children grow into better individuals. There has always been a strong economic dimension to marriage in various cultures McFadden What happened to that?

Sociology divorce essay

Now a numerous amount of couples are bringing their marriages to an end. Children are brought into this type of world where marriage is something almost sacred, but this is all shattered when their parents divorce and move in their separate ways.

They are forever damaged and nothing will be able to change what they have experienced. That is why it is important for parents to open up to their children and help them physically and emotionally understand the outcome.

Salem press, Inc pp. A Down to Earth Approach. Allyn and Bacon Publishing Co. Spokane Falls Community College Lid. Results of a Prospective Study from birth to Age The Effects of Divorce on Children Essay - It is a challenge for girls to make decisions about marriage and they have more difficulties with commitment and confidence when it comes to relationships.

Divorce seems to be a problemsolving solution that many families are taking into consideration; statistics show that it hasleft half of all families fatherless. The United States has the highest divorce rate in the world.

A comprehensive, coeducational Catholic High school Diocese of Wollongong - Albion Park Act Justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with your God Micah Divorce is a major cause of changing family patterns and greater family diversity.

For example most re-marriages involve a divorce and a divorce creates both lone-parent families and one-person households. Since the 's, there has been a greater increase in the number of divorces in the United Kingdom.

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Sociology divorce essay

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