Staying put making a home in a restless world

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Staying put making a home in a restless world

What are the symptoms of grieving? Please note that it is not possible for one online web page and one author to cover every single facet and argument about euthanasia that is out there, in particular the religious morals, ethics, 'rights and wrongs' and 'pros and cons' of the euthanasia procedure.

The decision to put down a pet is a very private, individual process that each owner must go through or decide upon on his or her own. Opinions about this process; how it should be done; when it should be done and even if it should be done vary with an individual's past experiences, religious beliefs and emotional capacity for the idea.

There is no one right or wrong on this matter: As one author, I can only present this subject and its facts as I personally see them and, because of this, I can not possibly hope to satisfy and please everybody. For example, just the thought of pet euthanasia at all is abhorrent in some quarters and so, naturally, this page will be distasteful to those readers.

Some of the information I write here may even be disagreed upon by some other vets and individual animal health or welfare professionals with differing viewpoints to my own. All opinions, arguments and disagreements are perfectly valid: If any of the stuff I write here offends you or is contrary to what you believe, please understand that it is never my intention to cause any such offense and that you have my sincerest apologies up front.

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Euthanasia is the process whereby an animal is deliberately killed usually by a veterinarian or other animal industry professional qualified to do the job for reasons of humane relief of suffering; uncontrollable behavioural defects e.

Typical humane euthanasia procedure: During the process of euthanasia, the animal patient is normally injected with a chemical substance called pentobarbitone that is very closely related to some of the drugs normally used to induce Staying put making a home in a restless world anaesthesia in animals.

This chemical essentially acts like a severe overdose of veterinary anaesthetic: This is where the term "put to sleep" comes from. The animal peacefully and instantly falls asleep undergoes anaesthesia and then passes through into death without experiencing any pain. Alternative euthanasia methods and procedures: Occasionally rarelypet euthanasia may be performed using alternative methods to pentobarbitone injection.

Euthanasia can be performed on an animal via the administration of large volumes of potassium chloride: Because potassium chloride injection is painful, the animal is normally placed under a general anaesthetic before the solution is injected.

Some euthanasias may even be performed using such means as shooting euthanasia by gunshot ; captive bolt pistol a form of shooting that does not involve a bullet ; gassing carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide ; decapitation; neck-breaking cervical dislocation ; throat-cutting exsanguination and electrocution.

None of these alternative euthanasia methods is generally used in the putting down of domestic pets most are far too distressing for owners to watchhowever, shooting, potassium chloride administration and captive bolt euthanasia may sometimes be used in the humane euthanasia of horses and livestock animals.

Gassing, decapitation and electrocution are more likely to be used in the killing of poultry or pigs for human consumption, however, this would technically be termed slaughter rather than euthanasia.

People elect to have their pets and other domesticated animals put down for a huge variety of humane, personal, practical and financial reasons. I have chosen to list some of the more common reasons why people elect to euthanase animals I could never hope to list them all!

By dividing up this section into these two subsections, so named, I have naturally opened myself up to some criticism from those of you who think that some of my 'valid reasons' are not valid at all and those of you who think that I might be being too harsh in my choice of the 'not-so-valid'.

Please note that the information contained within these two subsections is just my own opinion I have provided reasons for my opinion in each subsection listing and that this opinion is not at all set in stone: The following is a list of reasons that I consider to be valid reasons for having a dog or cat or other animal euthanased.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list.

Staying put making a home in a restless world

The animal is suffering from a terminal illness that medical or surgical therapy can no longer relieve or help: The relief of pain and suffering is probably the most common reason owners have for euthanasing a beloved pet.

Because animals are now living long enough just like people to die slowly by degrees from chronic, incurable, sometimes-painful illnesses like cancer, renal disease and heart failure, it is becoming very common for owners to have to make this choice about what is kindest for their terminally ill pets.

It is important to note that not every animal that develops or is diagnosed with a terminal illness needs to be put down right away. There are many owners who hear the words 'cancer' and 'kidney failure' and 'heart failure' and panic, thinking that their pet needs to be put down right away, when the reality is that some of these animals can often tick along for months or even years, with the right medications and diets, and even have a good quality of life.

As long as these animals are not suffering; are not in unmanageable pain and are performing all of their normal functions adequately eating, drinking and toileting normally and not losing excessive amounts of weightthen it is generally fine to keep them going.

The decision to euthanase is indicated when the animal is starting to suffer as a result of its incurable disease and drugs are no longer available or enough to help relieve this suffering. Examples of this include: In these kinds of cases, it is often much kinder to put the animal out of its misery using veterinary drugs than it is to force the animal to go on until it eventually dies in agony from its disorder.

The animal is suffering from a severe illness whereby survival and recovery is possible, but of minimal likelihood, and the animal is likely to go through significant pain and suffering while attempts are made to correct the problem: Because animals, unlike humans, are unable to give any consent about the procedures that are performed on them, performing a large, painful surgical procedure on an animal or exposing that animal to long periods of severe illness, hospitalization stress and repeated medical procedures, in the remote chance that there will be recovery, must be weighed up very carefully.

Human patients have a choice about how much pain they are willing to suffer for the remote chance of a cure and they also have a better cognitive understanding of what will be included in that care prolonged hospitalisation, the use of ventilatory assistance, nausea-inducing medications and so on.

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Staying Put: Making a Home in a Restless World (Concord Library) [Scott Russell Sanders] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

In the tradition of Wendell Berry, Sanders champions fidelity to place, informed by ecological awareness.

Staying put making a home in a restless world
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