The day of the locust by nathanael west essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. At the time of the Great Depression, a number of Americans tried their luck in Hollywood in order to acquire fame and capital, but the demand in actors was tiny, comparing to the proposition. The present paper is designed to discuss the relationship between Tod and Faye through the prism of disillusionment.

The day of the locust by nathanael west essay

The day of the locust by nathanael west essay

Where I grew up people speak of LA in the same disgusted, dismissive, and morbidly fascinated tones they used to talk about Michael Jackson before he died.

The Bay Area is majorly creeped-out by the weirdo plastic-surgery-disaster-of-dubious-morals that is Los Angeles. We hate it for its car As some of you know, I came dangerously close to packing it in and moving to Los Angeles this winter.

We are deeply suspicious and insanely resentful of the mindless, soulless crap produced by Hollywood, of shallow surface beauty, of glitzy superficiality and the tinseled-out dreams and the depressing nightmares we vaguely suspect they must engender.

According to Berkeley, LA is full of beautiful idiots who are banally bad people; we, on the other hand, are homely, unkempt, sincere neurotics who drink great coffee and ride our bestickered bikes earnestly to independent bookstores.

This is one of those things you just take for granted growing up in California: This is simply not the case in New York City. The first time I saw lettuce in a supermarket here, I almost started crying.

It looked like something that had been strangled by a serial killer in the Central Valley, stuffed in the trunk of a battered Impala, driven to Brooklyn the long way via Mexico?

This kind of lettuce is fairly standard here. My solution to dealing with this situation has been to stop eating vegetables, so I basically just survive on pizza and bagels which are both way better hereand by smoking a pack of mentholated cigarettes whenever I get an artichoke craving.

I trudge through the streets like a goddamn mule, with my bookbag over one shoulder, gym stuff on the other, feeling incredibly frumpy and oppressed. I stagger miles in my heels with my life on my back, usually in the rain, having graphic fantasies about what it must like to have a trunk.

Okay, so the other day I got off work, and you know what? And I felt pretty good! I can stroll from my office, stop and visit a friend, stroll onto the gym and then do a nice long run up alongside the Hudson River.

Is this really so bad?

The book The Day of the Locust by Nathanael West, tells the story of some people who came to California in search of the American Dream. They travel west hoping to get away from the less than perfect lives and pursue success in Hollywood. The characters in this novel dream of a life of luxury, making lots of money, and living a good life. In Nathanael West’s scathing critique of the film industry and the Hollywood culture it created, The Day of the Locust, Tod’s painting The Burning of Los Angeles is highly symbolic. Tod. Nathanael West's The Day of the Locust tells the story of people who have come to California in search of the American Dream. They travel west hoping to escape less than perfect lives and pursue success in .

I felt some kind of something settle in me then, and at that moment I made a new kind of peace with staying in New York. You can have quality of life in this city, I thought, as the summer evening sunshine fell on the cobblestone streets My heart actually did swell at this point, like it does when the music goes in some great old movie.

And this was really the farmers market to end all farmers markets! Like pretty much everything in Tribeca, it gleamed with a patina of expensive specialness that made you just want to buy it. But this Tribeca one was great.

All the produce looked incredible, heaped up in these jewel-toned piles of locally-grown, organic goodness. Apples, carrots, greens, onions And I strolled through this slowly, not stopping yet, just taking it in as I blissfully thought: New York has it all.

This place is amazing. I can live here no problemThe Day of the Locust Nathanael West. SHARE! Home; Literature Notes; Critical Essay The Day of the Locust: The parallels between Miss Lonelyhearts and The Day of the Locust are the artificiality of Hollywood's denizens and the lies that the film world purveys.

Here, however, the chief victims and agents of destruction remain faceless. ”The Day of the Locust” by Nathaniel West Essay Sample Nathaniel West’s novel The Day of the Locust is an excellent example of the theme of reality versus illusion.

This was a common theme during the Modernism Era. The Day of the Locust is a novel about Hollywood and its corrupting touch, about the American dream turned into a sun-drenched California nightmare. Nathanael West's Hollywood is not the glamorous "home of the stars" but a seedy world of little people, some hopeful, some despairing, all twisted by their by their own desires -- from the /5.

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Hollywood and Nathaniel West's The Day of the Locust Essay - Hollywood and Nathaniel West's The Day of the Locust Works Cited Missing Although set in the s, Nathanael West’s The Day of the Locust ironically resembles contemporary Hollywood.

The Day of the Locust is Nathanael West's response to the Great Depression in early 20th century America. It may not sound particularly comforting, but for some reason it truly is.

Free Essay: The Day of the Locust by Nathanael West In The Day of the Locust, Tod Hackett undergoes an internal development relative to his migration.


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