The success of music in film depends on the perception and interpretations of audiences

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The success of music in film depends on the perception and interpretations of audiences

Thus, the film medium is a vital instrument in the hands of man for the transformation of his natural world and the projection of his ideal world to other human beings. Film is one of the fascinating and easiest means of communication in Nigeria, due to its wide range of audience consumption.

Hence, the audience invariably accentuates the reality of the filmic experience. The concept of audience in film studies highlights a collective of people who are responsive to film viewership.

Through the films produced, the audience is educated and entertained.

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This is therefore an obvious indication that film is a medium of mass communication that is very powerful when effectively packaged and employed.

The artistic communication in film is enhanced by visual and auditory elements. Thus, film uses visual and auditory elements to create narrative messages. Sound may not be noticeable when watching a film story, but sound and music constitute powerful film technique s which, when appropriately applied, enhance effective communication.

As a result, when watching a film, the viewers react with the variations in sound that are in tune with the action of a film story. However, despite the inseparable complementary role between the visual and auditory elements of film production, sound seems to remain a silent or a secondary issue in film production and analysis discourse.

The study is therefore motivated by this apparent lack of attention, to highlight the invaluable significance of sound, while critically examining the indices that condition its perception in Nigerian Nollywood landscape. April 20, The Authors. Published by American Institute of Science.

Introduction The auditory elements in film refer to the things the audience cannot see, but hear, which include music, dialogue voice The significance of film as an invaluable and effective and sound effects. Just as visual elements of composition, medium of mass communication cannot be overemphasized.

The auditory elements of music, dialogue, and sound effects help artistic communication in film is unarguably enhanced by in enhancing communication. Thus, film uses visual and visual and auditory elements.

Visual elements, as the name auditory elements to create narrative messages. As a result, when watching a film, the the appropriate application of different sounds to a film story viewer reacts with the variations in sound that are in tune that must be believable, but may not be real that creates an with the action of a film story.

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Yet, sound seems to be a silent effective impact on audiences. Since film is visual, it uses or secondary issue in film production and analysis. It is in image, dialogue, noise, music, and thus these are this light that Bordwell and Thompsonp. Every sound in a film that: As much and draws them into the world of the film wilfully.

The success of music in film depends on the perception and interpretations of audiences

Sound as his general comment may hold true, recent Nigerian video effects are artificially created sounds laying artistic emphasis films show that there has been an immense improvement in in synchronization to a film, television, video games, narrative styles, acting and visual representation of reality.

As a result, sound effects are recorded Nevertheless, sound design still leaves much to be desired in natural sounds or artificially created sounds applied to Nigerian films.

Nigerian filmmakers do not take cognisance enhance communication in a moving image intended to relate of sound design. In many cases, film-makers do not consider a story. They only apply any sound they want without on the door or a cough. Whereas most foreign movies indicate Mise-en-scene: However, Nigerian video films have made film environment.explore how the Academy Awards influence audience perception of a film, if they do so at all.

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Informing and framing this study is a detailed analysis of research on a variety of different concepts, including source credibility, awards as a .


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The success of music in film depends on the perception and interpretations of audiences

Success is a Subjective State of Mind - The discipline then teaches us the world view in which we construct our own perception of our success. Perception checking involves being able to describe what is happening in a given situation, provide multiple interpretations of events or behaviors, and ask yourself and others questions for clarification.

When films with domestic commercial success receive major foreign distribution, however, foreign audiences can interpret this as an indication that foreign distributors think that the domestic commercial success is transferable between film markets, which increases the perceived appeal of the film to foreign audiences.

The music of the colonists was based on British and other European genres, which included sacred music of the Protestant Church, classical music, and popular music, including ballads, madrigals, theater songs, dance music, and broadsides.

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