Videoguys editing services

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Videoguys editing services

Click on the categories below to expand the tab and learn more about video production. Webster defines a montage as: For example, many movie title sequences consist of some form of montage. A montage gets its power from presenting a collection of diverse images to the audience all at once, so that the overall impression is much richer than simply showing a single image or element.

Nearly every modern nonlinear editing NLE program has excellent built-in tools to help you build montages. Some of the most prominent of these are the crop, matte, and scale functions.

Modern NLE software will also often give you subtle control options like "feathered edges" that can help make your floating images appear to blend more seamlessly into your montage. But keeping some basics in mind can help. Where and When The first order of business in planning any montage is taking control of the "where and when" of the montage elements.

The "where" part relates to how you arrange your elements on screen. Good design concepts generally give important elements visual priority and provide a flow for the eye from one element to the next.

videoguys editing services

You can bring elements up individually, or in small groups, allowing the audience to see some things before introducing others.

This concept of arranging visual elements in both space and time is central to the idea of a successful video montage. Since the very nature of a montage presents multiple images to the audience, one of the most challenging aspects for the creator is to keep the information flow accessible for the audience.

The visual elements are simple. All the type is of a similar size and visual weight. In figure 2, we have cleaned up the montage significantly.

Two photos are now one. The eye travels from the faces directly to the Business name. Then directly to the special offer and to the contact info in an easy clockwise visual scan. Looking at the timeline in figure 3, we also see an example of how we can use time to emphasize the most important elements of our montage.

As the transitions and track offsets on the timeline show, the spot actually builds visually, presenting the photo and titles data first, then pushing on the "special offer" element. The Density Dilemma The more info you present at the same time, the longer it will take your audience to process that information.

But there are plenty of times when a montage will play over and over. The expectation may be that the audience will see it each time a new module is presented. This "high information density" approach gives the audience more elements to look at and helps to keep the montage interesting over the repeated viewings.

Picture Perfect The whole idea of the montage is to do more for less. More visual information occupying less screen space - more information presented over less time.

So the montage puts MORE responsibility on the shoulders of the video editor.Aug 05,  · I am looking to build a Video Editing PC. I have a GB SSD already, and a 3TB Green WD hard drive! I make my own short films and also do photo and video services. we are the video editing and production experts We Are the Digital Video Editing and Production Experts!

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Jul 23,  · This is a great approach and one I think I will "borrow" for future articles on Videoguys DVC are in the South. Zen Computer Services are in the North. Both have been going for years and they know Adobe editing systems inside out.

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