Welfare and drug testing essay

Throughout the years, there have been issues with people taking advantage of the system. The government has made efforts to try to help welfare recipients to get a job instead of seeing welfare as a lifestyle.

Welfare and drug testing essay

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, almost two dozen states are considering bills that require drug testing those either applying for or receiving public benefits, a policy that has been cut down in the courts before because the Fourth Amendment grants that every individual "be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures.

Why would you want to give government benefits to someone who may either directly or indirectly use those benefits to support a drug habit? The second argument, which seems quite sensible, is that in times of tight budgets, screening out a population of said undeserving applicants could save governments lots of money.

While both arguments sound good, neither holds up under even cursory scrutiny. For one, people who are addicted to drugs need help. The moral thing to do is to try and get them that help in order to prevent them from doing further harm either to themselves or to others.

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On the macroeconomic side, drug addiction costs society lots of money, especially in the areas of health care, law enforcement and corrections.

And part of "treating" addicts is often not only getting them into effective drug treatment programs, but also getting them things like stable, affordable housing, job training and food.

Drug testing is expensive. But some legislators may be doing a different calculation. There is evidence that biometric screening suppresses participation in public welfare.

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It certainly has the potential to save money, maybe even lots of money. And yet, the idea is back with a vengeance. Again, how does isolating and undercutting those in need of help contribute to a more stable, just society?

Welfare and drug testing essay

The public, in general, supports providing help to those who really need it. There is very recent evidence that at least some legislatures may come to their senses on this one.

Last week the Wyoming Senate killed a welfare drug testing bill, citing constitutional questions and also whether the whole issue was actually serious enough to warrant legislation.

The truly hard-nosed and conservative approach to saving money in the human services arena is to develop screening mechanisms that ensure only those who need help get it, and that the services that government is paying for to help people are effective.

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That criteria demands that we actually reach out to help those who are addicted to drugs.Nov 06,  · In the first quarter, 7, applicants completed the drug test and tested negative for drug use, completing their eligibility requirements for welfare cash assistance.

Of these 7, approved applicants, only 2, adults (from 1, families) requested and received reimbursement for their drug testing Status: Resolved.

mla, sample progress report comments for kindergarten. Outline for argumentative essay on drug testing welfare recipients Salinas, new york arbitration rules looking for someone to make case study on gun control Baltimore. A pilot test of a drug testing regime for welfare recipients in Florida concluded in that drug testing did not produce reliable estimates of the level of drug use among TANF recipients.

[26] In particular, many recipients determined through a validated screening tool as likely to have a substance abuse problem nonetheless tested negative. Drug Testing Welfare Recipients.

Drug Testing Welfare Recipients: Proposal to Drug Test Welfare Recipients There are approximately 30 million Americans on some sort of welfare right now.

Welfare and drug testing essay

In , the United States Federal Government spent $ trillion toward grupobittia.com amount spent on welfare in is one of the top expenses, money spent on defense and healthcare were the highest expenses.

Welfare Drug Testing Trevor Brooks, SOC 11/09/ In today’s America, government aid is highly depended on.

In this paper I analyze a proposed bill in the New Hampshire legislature that would make drug testing a requirement for welfare recipients. My analysis is based on the standards of justice put forward by John Rawls and Philippe Van Parijs. This. Drug testing for cash welfare, meanwhile, has been in place since Clinton’s welfare reform. According to the AP, at least 15 states have passed laws that allow them to drug test recipients of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, also known as TANF. Drug testing for welfare recipients: Con. By Austin Keller / In Blogs, Politics / January 17, but adding a drug-testing requirement is taking a step in the wrong direction. a brief introduction to Bill stating its negative impact for social welfare policy in Texas or the nation. – Wish Essays.

The US government has spent $ billion dollars this year on welfare alone. A definition essay does far more than provide a technical and basic dictionary definition; it will give a more thorough idea about what characterizes the word, where it is found, what it is not, etc.

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